External in general is fine. #3B sz2

is fine. It is only that i do not like water drops are still coming out from the hull:

Even if i did  slept bad because of mosquitoes and my mood was low, i could still manage yesterday to do some staff, to bring me in normal state today. And maybe also what is positively surprising me: i feel good.  I did bought me mosquito net and i did make me place in salon for sleeping.


Then i did pay marina  308$ for january.   I did  already pay 3X 675$ until now, but Guatemalan bank did took 25$ each time (what is 9%) for transaction. So, to the amount of 225$, what is monthly rate i did had to add money what bank did take to get to positive balance.  It also makes me feel good to have good relations with marina management. I was  talking to move Teresa to nicer place in marina, with grass and closer to marina center. But we will see, i have to do grinding and painting  work as first. Another positive thing is that i have returned  hand torch back to Steve (friend and a sailing boat owner which i meet already last year). He did lent it to me because i was without any light first day. And while we are talking about light, i did remember now that i was sleeping with one candle on list night.  And to return to Steve, i am glad that i did kept my promise to return him the torch. And Yes i did already had opportunity to help him back. They were lunching his boat in the water yesterday and i was helping him on the deck.

It is 7:07 now. I did start to write this blog around 5:30. I went to sleep at around 8 last night. The sun is  already 10 degrees over the horizon. And lets say i feel 100% better than yesterday. And to conclude i still own you an explanation how did i lost my camera. It was while the aeroplan trip. I Am not sure jet, if i did not took it after boarding control in Mexico before getting on aeroplane to Gutemala. Or if i did left it on sit in last aeroplane before leaving. What to say now. I do not know.

The day is starting. Take the day and envoy the day divinity. For me it would be cleaning of Tereza.



Shake dreams from your hair

My pretty child, my sweet one

Choose the day, choose the sign of your day

The days divinity

First thing you see

(Jim Morrison)

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