And more about history 66#B

Tereza is going back into the water:

It was in Jacksonville Green cove springs marina in October 4014.

When I was editing the video I was again fascinated of Terezas shape. She is so beautiful. And the working team with Denis as coordinator was great.

I must go to Livingston for making of cruising permit for Tereza for 9 months more. It will cost me 150$+30 for transportation to Livingston +and 25 for port captain. I will have to go by boat. It is incredible but they do not have road to there.


And I was today with Julija in Centro de salud (medical center) here in Rio dulce. Julia is working to bring light at villages at night with solar panel and battery. So, the meeting was about introduction of everything to locals.  More in next days when I will meet also other people of the team. My part in it, is to take a video and to edit it.

DSC02204 - Copy


  1. Sorry to answer so late. Sometime, I do not get any notice about comments.
    Ja, I made some confusion. This returning in water was in Florida last year.

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