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2.8.2014  On the clock graph you may see drastic fall (see arrow) of pressure. Each dot is equal at  two hours.At time when  picture was took was one in the morning. 1(actual time) – 10 (five dots from clock) = 3 in the afternoon. But the storm was at 5 in the afternoon. Does the pressure goes down  much before the storm? I must subtract another hour because last dot was from 0 in the morning (midnight). So new result is 4 in the afternoon. But the storm was at five. I will learn about pressure and weather on the sea. And i am awake at one in the morning listening how my hotel neighbor urinates. Nice. It could be me. I am happy. Finally running new movie as director producer and main role. It is complicated but alive. To research  the universe. Once one told me that i am living in space. And i asked to  him “Where are you living?”. He answered: “On earth”. Then i asked him “Does is  not earth also in the space?” Tomorrow i will go to see the boat. The first one. Will it also be the one? And i have come to America at 5 pm of Wednesday. Then i had to answer for one hour to the question: “What is the reason of your visit to America?”. Then i took bus from NY to Chicago for 18 hours (125$). I have slept in an hostel (Wrigley hostel) for 34$ in Chicago. Next morning i went by train (25$) to Milwaukee from 8:30 to 10 and then had to wait until 3 PM to catch the bus (19$)for Manitowoc.Here i am in Super 8 Motel (90$).

Michigan lake  Manitowoc

To be continued.   3.8.2014  I am not in the spirit to report what happen. But probably i will spent another couple of ours writing this blog. It is 5:08 in the morning. Yesterday i have got first experience of seeing an boat. And it was not love on first sign.


I have felt squeezed. I have expected everything to be larger. I also have saw the survey report. And  i am much far away from to be an expert but enough to conclude that many things have to be done before going offshore.  And also i would need to buy a lot of equipment. But i did not take my final decision jet and i will talk to owner soon i will check other boats. Let say  in general boat was ok. It could be that i will feel sorry, if i will let her away. But the main reason why i did not take her was that i must see other boats to. Hellberg russy is Swedish high quality sailing boat brand. This is how it looks on the sea.

To be continued.

6.8.2014 I am in Deltavile. I have rented a car for 700$.Hyunday Elantra. Great car. I have slept 3 hours in car trunk day before and went  for 72 $ to hotel yestarday. And i have  made 824  miles in 28 hours. I have saw two boats Tayana 42 and Hans Christian 38. Booth about 30000 libres. What is twice weight of Halberg rassy 38. What means they  need almost a storm to make them move. But they ware made for oceans. I am still moving and watching bots around. There are 20 marinas in the zone.

8.8.2014 It is 8 in the morning. I am having my coffee and breakfast at McDonalds. Waiting coffee to get cold. I am listening to Police: Every breath you take . I was already thinking to buy me Synchronicity album. But then i figured out that i can not spend money on such a things. But now after i have paid 251$  speeding ticket. I will have to change my attitude. Finally i have get to Florida.  And…….. I  haw saw Westsail 42 yesterday. It has weight record: 32000 libres. I am almost good with waste of energy in compensation to reliability and safety.There is much to do on it and much to add to leave shore. It has a powerful engine and big room for it. All is easy to get to. And it has also some kind electric cleaning  machine for toilet.


Yes. And for the record. I can buy 400 miles for 30$. What is like to 22 € for 640 km. I would like to share my experiences and thoughts with you, but boats are waiting to be discovered.

Here i am again.

I am staying in Orlando at Palm lakefront resort & hostel. It is OK and cheap (20$).  Maybe more tomorrow. What about next?


I have saw weary nice  lady today. She have some  wrinkles on the face, but all the rest is well built. I am talking about central cockpit Corbin 39. It is interesting that i was googling for the boats in Florida in general this morning and it has come out that the boat was only 15 miles from me. After one hour i was on the boat and i  have took a look to her and … And it can be the one.

See her here Corbin-39

5 days and 7 boats inspected.



I am at the Bekini hostel in Miami beach. Guys and girls in the same room. Weary nice. Today i have saw  Sparkman and stepehns 40.  Built in Toronto with beautiful engine.


And to not forget from yesterday. I had not long but weary constructive talk with Elvis. I believe he is owner of Palm lakefront resort & hostel-where i was yesterday. About everything in my project. Probably you are curious what are my intentions.  In short: sail to Australia and maybe more. I will write an blog about it. But is not time for it jet. At first i have to buy me a boat. And then i will talk about.


I was almost down to Key west. No sailing boats.

 But 1000 and more of motor boats. Water is hot and i like it weary, weary much. Is this my future?


    1. Many boats and many informations.
      I will move probably down to Florida.Then i will stop and make the decision .
      I am fine, but still not used to have fun.
      I am learning.

  1. HI,
    I am happy, that you started watching for a boat as soon as you arrived in US, because I had a feeling that you will spend some money on other things at first 😛
    My knowledge about boats is around 0, but I recommend you, that you see as much boats as you can, because time is not your enemy, so don’t rush, and you have to choose wisely.. good work for now!!!!!!!!
    keep us posted 🙂 good luck
    bye from SLO

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