America #2



Morgan 43 was my experience for today. This one is also OK. It just that i am little bit afraid of dimensions it has.

My one week rental finished today. I had to take new car. When they have took me to Mustang i could not refuse the offer.
And Mustang did cost me 30$ for 260 miles. One day was enough. I will be  back to Elantra tomorrow.  But i have enjoyed the comfort. I did all the way of 243 miles from  Miami to Pallmeto without stopping. I am becoming crazy.


I am at Gram’s hostel at Tampa ready to go to…


Today i did  my  laundry and ………… And how do i feel? Little bit lonely.


Maybe i will surprise You  soon with sentence as next: ” I have my boat.” But for now i can not tell anything.


I am at St Augustine: the oldest city of America and summer storm is going on. Already in bed. No reason for complain. But one to be happy for. More about tomorrow.

st augustin


I had to pay  10% for boat today, but i have forgot that is holiday in Slovenia, and i did not want to do any internet banking without online support. But the contract is signed from me and we have made appointment for boat survey for monday and i will make 10% money  transaction also then.  After survey i have two days to accept the boat or i will get money back.  And then  i have to pay remaining part of purchase price.
So, this is it. After a 5 days of negotiation we have got to agreement. The  transfer of ownership has to be completed before or until  5.9.2014.

I am talking about Corbin 39.
I have choose her because it is strong offshore boat, but still lighter than others.  And she is  well maintained and clean. Also she  fits to my need as dimensions. The interior is well arranged: she has two cabins and two heads, salon and galley and she  has also engine room and work brench. The boat has electric and plumbing schematics. And all is labeled. Which also indicates that previous owner was very consistent with maintenance of the boat. And to conclude i have felt good on the boat from the moment i  stepped on her. I am happy to have  found her and that she will be mine.


I am again at Gram’s hostel at Tampa. I like to be here. I will write more tomorrow.


The staff is friendly and  lizards are climbing the flower bushes and dancing to the rhythms of the babbling water fountain (the last sentence is not mine). People is waking up and we are having coffee together.


I was around with some friends today. We were at the beach,then we have ate something in Thai restaurant and before the sunset we went to see drum circle session  at Treasure island beach. Take a look into the tree, someone is peeking out.





I have payed 10% for the boat this morning. Then i  have came to Jacksonville for boat survey and to sign the document of boat acceptance. Now i am going back to Tampa. More at evening.


This is my boat. I will rename it to Tereza. She will get name after  my grandmother. Tomorrow i will pay all.

I have to wait for paper work to be done.
And then i will move her to boat yard and start with cleaning of boat. Until then i need to rest. And i need to get some kilograms back.




  1. OK, dear friend – good job.
    I hope you will be happy in your new “home” Voyager XIV. Do you find anybody for the first sailing instructions (maybe her)?
    Bye from the sunny side of the Alps…

    1. David,
      I have to do bottom painting and and some other cosmetic work on a hull. And i will have paint new name (Tereza) on the hull.
      And also for some upgrades that i want to do i will put boat in the boat yard at first.
      There are many possibilities how will i go with first contact with the water.
      And there are also many possibilities with everything. And that is the point. I have to choose.
      That is what makes me alive.

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