Rich day #29M sz2

I did injure myself yesterday. But it is not so serious.
I was using the same machine as 100 times before but once, it did have to happen.
I went to the local medicinal house and they did clean the wound and saw it.
Tomorrow i am going for a tetanus vaccine and after 10 days i am going for removing of stitches. I did had to pay nothing because it was in a public local medicinal house. The government of Guatemala is paying everything. Thank you. I did want to give some money to nurse because she did take a good care of me, but she did not want to except. And what is funny. She did ask me if i was drinking. But it was before i was offering her money. I have to ask her tomorrow what were the symptoms me being drank, when i will be going again there for tetanus vaccine.It was probably because when she was asking me, if it was hurting i did answer that it is not hurting as it is when women is giving birth to a baby. Yes, it was hurting a lot when she was cleaning to disinfect the wound, because she did open the cut pretty much.
What is important now is the question when i will be able to sail. And i have some more work to do on Tereza. Actually much work. I can easy handle the bottle of beer. But will see how will i manage to elevate the engine again. I have to redo the gaskets work.The oil is leaking between the engine and oil pan. It did leak almost 2 liters (1/2 of gallon) in all together 20 hours of motoring to Utila and back.
That is one of the reasons why i was coming back. The other i did already mention and it is a broken rib and other cracks in inside wood skeleton and furniture. I did went to a carpenter and he did me the new rib. Here on the picture is just starting to cut it.

I did already repair the wind generator  (with this batteries i have enough power to all piloting electronics and signal light, but no to use electric autopilot and freezer together at night. Maybe with good wind ….. I wills see on the way) and the wind wane autopilot. Yesterday i was working on smaller outboard mount but i did not finish it yet, because i did cut myself. Then the light up on the must are not working anymore also. This can be a problem. Because i rely don’t think that i will be able to climb up the mast, probably not before than 10 days. Maybe i will ask somebody to pull me up with the winch.

Remember me saying some days ago that i have to complement Jasna Tuta about her book. and i did it.

I did wrote:” If i could  read your book before beginning of my adventure i would help me a lot .”
and she was answering:” You have the good boat, and the will, …  do not give up.”

Hvala Ivan!
Barko imaš pravo, voljo tudi, ne obupaj.


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