I have find great help from Thomas #3P sz2

in Ram marina. He knows much about boats. He is saying: “I am helping you and someone else will help me.”
I could take also love in the same way:” I am giving love to you. You are giving it to someone else. And in the end love will come back to me.”
I will talk about my last night dream now. I was pooling one long snake for tail out from an wall in one hole in which i was (i do not know way). At one moment some thing did make noise on the tree. I did saw then that it was one much bigger snake coming down from the tree. Once it was passing in front of me she did stop. And was smelling.  I was freezing. I could not run from the hole. At one moment the snake did begun to crawl forward. And i was released. But still waiting for snake to went away, to be save and get out from hole, snake did turned back and soon i could see that she had got legs then. And with head with intelligent face expression. This time she did looked directly in my face and begun to smelling me and getting closer. And i did close my eyes waiting to be biten. But the lizard did begun to lick me. And it did stop and wait. The thought that she want me to open my eyes, to let me see when she will hurt me. And at some point i did tought, i should open my eyes and face her . But i did not and i did wouk up.

While i am waiting video to upload.


And here it is the video where Thomas is teaching me about doing fiberglass work on boats:




  1. Ola

    Just friendly reminder, change the date year at the begginings of yours movies.
    Vse dobro vsem

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