Sailing from Florida to Bermuda #T2

First half of trip was quite fine.  Wind from south moustly.

But then I have got ivolved in oposite current. It must be that a current loop  forming 400 miles oway from Usa moved souther that my calculations were saying.

Check the white arrow for the loop I am talking about.

Anway in an moment I could not go east. It was hard but i was persistent and I broke throu. After that I had light SW  winds and some no wind situations . Slowly I begune to motoring in that cases. Becoming more and more confident in my work of rebuilding of engine in Panama in begining of this year. Still spending just 40 liters of diesel.

I have reach Bermuda  somwhere in midle of island. So I had to move nord to reach uper norther side of island and then turn east and finaly SW to enther the chanel of st.George. It is the first town where  I made also the check in. About it I will write in next blog.




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