Clerance from Usa in Jacksonville #1T

I am adding new category to my posts. It will be “Transatlantic” and the link to it will be in main menu.

The purpuose of it is to help othets sailors  with info.

First blog is about start from usa.

As first had to get clarance dokument. As the word says but itself it is about beeing clear from any problems with goverment of country you are leaving.

This documnt is then required when entering another country.  They want to know if you was beeing regular in previous country that you have been.

This rule is applayable in every country I have been.

I have got it at the next address:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Area Port of Jacksonville
10426 Alta Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226, USA
+1 904-714-3100

There are no buses going there so I had to take taxi twice for 16 $.

And next is how document looks:

But still to leave,  as I was crossing the gulf stream I had to have good direction wind. In any case it had not to be from north. As with current from  south is forming big and sharp waves which are rolling the boat wery hard and potenching the probalities of damage on boat. You have to be a sailor to realy understand what I am talking about.

So I am using

I am making screen shoots for changes of weather for next days. And checking them then while sailing. And I may say that they are quite acurate also in last days of forcast.

But I have also a satellite phone

( inreach delorme ) where frends are sending me messages about things considering my navigation.

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