8. Part 2

We are now 450 miles away from Bermuda. I am staying under the deck of my beloved Tereza. I must stay out of the wind I because I am beginning to notice some new unusual feeling in the chest. And this is the way to force me to rest and to calm me from the yesterdays storm. I had storm sail out and shortened main sail as I am hawing it mostly of the time now. And I was proceeding into the rain. It has not been the first time .Nothing special. But I was mistaking. It was raining an then stopping in awhile. It must be fifth time of rain that surprised me. Like all the water from the skay was falling down at once. And the wind was blowing like nothing seen before. At that point the UV protection of storm
sail begun to fall apart. Hard time was lasting lat say for a two minutes and the it stopped in a moment. I am not sure about the time periods.

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