7. Hallo, my name is Ivan (Video text)

I am from Slovenia. I am the captain of sailing vessel Tereza. We are now. Me and Tereza are now almost at Bermuda in Atlantic ocean. This video is introduction to this mission of solo crossing of Atlantic. Tereza is a Corbin 39 built in Montreal at 1979. So in November of 2019 she will have 40 years. my initial intention was to go to Australia. Sell Tereza and start with new life there.
But I have changed my mind. I want to bring Tereza at home. Tereza has got name from my grandmother. You may read all about this story on my blog: http://www.freeonbluewater.com/ivan-golubar/tereza-was-my-grandmother-16m-1296
As I have been telling this I may conclude. thank you for watching.

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