4. Should I have been doing it in first place?

So why was not buying me a house rather than a sailing boat? The answer is I think, because from always something is pushing me to explore and to go in unknown. Or the reason was to run from my past. Run from my existence. I don’t feel to go deeper in this. I will only say that second option is more probably the right one. As there is no right wind for the second evening and my food is missing meat I might be in right mood to expose my dark side.
My soul is dark . I am a bad guy. The whom is spreading pain and destruction. But I am hiding it well inside this noble mirror. People whom know me they can tell. Maybe somehow this is struggling to overcome my demons. But no success.
So what now. Let’s be realistic. Nothing. We will go on as nothin been told. As my stile is. Let’s go on with this madness.

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