This is an video about exploring Rio lampara river in the jungle #6S sz2

it is from last year, but i did not make it public yet until now. The work on rib installation is going on. It should be over today. Will see.

This is something to keep you interested on my trip. It is that i do not have nothing concrete to tell now. But i am getting me ready to write about freeonbluewater philosophy. I was on the way to do it this morning, but something else did come out. I was contacting some of my friends and …. Now is little to late to start such a big thematic. I have to return on Tereza, cook me a breakfast and start to work. I will do me pancakes today. so have a good day. Yes, and i will say hello to people at Cimos. I was working there for many years and i have many friends there.

See you.

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