I was out in open sea #4S sz2

directed  to Utila  Honduras. But i have find some dificulites on Treza which i will have to take care of. So i am now reentering to Rio dulce.



2 thoughts on “I was out in open sea #4S sz2

  1. aljosa

    Hi Ivan
    Just to say hello, here in SI the asparagus are harvested all the time!
    We broken many eggs…and we still enjoy,

    Vse dobro vsem

    1. fobw Post author

      I did grow up picking wild asparagus. And i did never stop to go for them in life.That’s something that i am missing. And as i am now starved, do not tell me more because i will get in depression.

      It is going on now new day. I am at Gutemala city. I will move today upper to mountains.

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