Bermuda is the most beautiful place I have ever been #87

House with corn field and banana palms.

I was also pasing by limestone cave.

Or a small bay vilage.

Those were some ditails from my todays bicycle trip. I saw many others ditails but I could not stop.  But still you can just google for Bermuda for images.

But there is a trick.

By next article (check the paragraph next of world map ilustration)

Bermuda is the most expensive place to live. And I might see today from my experience for example 1.4 kilo of clementinas is 11$. I had to pass.

1 liter of Sprite and 1 kilo of bananas costs litle more tha 8 dollars.

And I will have  to buy me food to Azores. So it will be 20 days and 10 days more because as I may alreday see it wil take me 10 days more because of bad wind. And then as I am eating so much while sailing… I  can see … it will be a hard … for me to update. Usualy I was spending on Tereza big amounts of money. Now on food to feed me. This my journey will never stop to surprise me.

I have spent 150$ in Mexico for 30 days. It was cheap.  Here it will be at last 500$. No. I can not give so much money just for 30 days of food. It is crazy.

But in general what ever it takes it takes. Tereza is on the trip scross the Atlantic. Or remember? Show must go on (Freddie Mercury).


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