After Cayo Giliermo marina Hemingway in Havana 13#S

should be my port for some time. I have got here in company of Roland and Caterin on Shierly.



She was dragging me into marina because Tereza did quit again because of diesel filters 5 min before marina. And it was  after 10 hours of hard motoring. I can not believe how it is possible such a bad luck. But i have to. It was happening to me. Or maybe is this all  happening in some other universe and i am not me any more.

Can some one tell me way i must go through this?

And it is not why i am so disappointed because of Terezas-my problem i did change filters in 5 min then once in marina. It is because Tereza did damage Shirley when she did approach to me. It was  i could only look how my anchor did demolish the Shirleys sprayhod (see on picture- there is  part of sprayhood back of Caterin that is taken down) and is now layin next to mast on deck. Roland  was telling that i have to pay only for material and he well fix all by himself. Iit could be much worse. Terezas  anchor did not grab the Shirley hard rigging and drag down the must. This  universe is so fantastic. Unbelievable.


And magic it is. This is all so intense. And i am confused and it is hard to sail without slipping for two nights. I did some sliping from time to time, and on the end it was all lunatic. My head was heavy and i could see normally any more in dark under deck. My body and brain is not strong enough to manage all this.


Yes. Because i still have money. But without money any universe will collapse.Ok. Lets focus back again. Tereza is selling good. I was  faster than Shirley. To go parallel at same speed i had to short my jib.


Leaking is the same. The secondary pump did  broke. But i did already fix it. It was some part of gum stuck under membrane. The ruder is also working fine. It is that i can turn only for 30 degrees now (initials is 40). I have vibrations from propeller. I can guess that damaged propeller was so unbalanced that did damage the Cutless bearning )search again). But i must go in the water to check. I almost forget my pump for salt water is not working any more. I was cleaning my deck and i had forgot to turn it out after finish. And i could not hear her working because engine was louder. I have to check. Oh, yes i can remember now i could notice some strange smell. But i did simply ignore it. The thought »do not care about it« is probably some fuse i n »this«

Universe or my fight to survive and it can be also beginning of brake down.

I even start to catch fish. And it was the best fishy i ever eat. Remember the  post »Fishy«use search, just insert fishe. Now fish did caught first fish, but it was meant to remamber me always what i want. Fishie has reach its universal purpose.  This does suggest me that  i will also bring Terza to Avstralia.


And from beginning it was not my intention to insert picture as next. But i am enough original to add also some routine.


So today we are going in to have party in Havana old town. I am not drinking any more from first day coming in America. It is that i realize that i have problem with alcohol. No, i have problem with me. It is that alcohol releases my wild destroying potential.This is not the appropriate sentence to end this blog. Yes I have a simple resolution about. I do wish you happy new year and do take care about each other.


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