Robert on Moody Mistress #10Pe Sz2


This morning i did start the day little differently like usual. I was sleeping like at home bed. You know when you do not want to get up and making it just bit little longer and longer. And also i did won 2 games from three that we were playing on chess with Filipo latter in the afternoon.. And now i am not feeling so tired ass i usually do at the evening. And Now again,i mean rely now it can not stop to torment me an anxious idea that i will not remember all the persons that i have been talking today when i will try to list them. So, lets do it now:
Jean cloud, shop next to Lorena, Lorena, shop on the other side of Lorena. “dispensa publica” (super market), fast food at crossroads, small batteries guy,lady where i did left my bicycle, bicycle shop,Jessica , Mahne, Filipo,Del, her brother,Marta, Marsel, his partner, Paco, Robert, his wife, Sea wolf lady,…, Karen, her secretary, solar system shop, gas station, the other person at gas station. Did i forgot somebody. Probably. But… you can not know. Can you be in my head? Yes, you are when i am thinking what you might thing reading this.  But from the other side- yours side, you may  be, if we are in synchronization. And this depends mostly from me- how i show the story. And going through this experimental writing experience. Getting to the point to envelope everything in an universal point of view,…  I am trying to make you see my thoughts, but you can not see what are my thoughts. Isn’t it an paradox, because i rely do not want you to know what is in my head. Who would like that other can see what they have in their head? Where i was. Well,I want you to know only what i want about what is in my head. Wouldn’t it be nice from  me to tell you more at this point. I am trying.  But before of all  i have to tel you that, it is not that i am happy about it. Or that i feel much satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.  i know only that i am trying to pleas everybody, having deep subconscious algorithm that it will turn back. That life will be more kind with me. Isn’t it selfish? This thought did cross my mind.

Lets start from beginning. Today Robert on Moody Mistress did gave me an sail for free. I did get it because i was at right point at right time. listening the radio net on Filipos boat even if he does not usually listen to the radio net broadcasting. And on the radio people from Sea wolf did  contact me to tel me about Injection pump mechanic (mahne).
You know what i will stop writing for today. Or maybe i could go on. Mahne tomorrow will give me the price for Injection pump reparation kit.

What else. Can you follow me? I think that there are chances 8 of 10 that you are not. Oh, i did forgot two girls in marine shop in town. And i guy – the guard here in marina which i was helping to install Youtube downloader for android. And other two guards. I think that now i have 30 persons. 10 more than there were seeing my blog yesterday. I think that it could be enough for today and maybe also for ever and that i should rely stop now. Also i was talking to get new airplane ticket today. But let make a mystery about it. For fun, seeing how it will get to point of no returning back.

All until now was an manipulation to make you get in confusion about a everything. I am not sure if i did succeed,but for me it works. I have an chaoutic experience. What does surprise me is that to me it does not look as extravagant at all. It is only that i have got an sail for free today and i want to use it as exchange for work that i want Tom to accomplish it on Terezas front sail. And again this is in my head. Will the reality turn also in this way. Will see and we will know. Do you know about that phrase in bible: “Blessed Are They That Have Not Seen, and Yet Have Believed”

O, i also forgot people which i have been in contact over the “net”: Thomas, another person which name i will not expose,and people on sailing cruising  forum. Let me finish because i have to talk with  Jim on forum.

Just another thought isn’t the richness to have so  many interaction with so many different people?  And more on, isn’t it great to be i writer?





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