Good people 1#Pe (People)

People on sea and around the world is different. What i want to say, meeting people around the world is different that in own country. It is because you maybe will see the person again or maybe not, and at most cases is probably no. I have find out that i have better relations with women that with men. And i do not know what it can be about. It can be probably because women is more intuitive or maybe because with women i can come closer. I do not know also why i am writing it now. It might be because i like idea to be free to express myself even if i do not know what i am talking about and what people will think about me.

My dentist  Victoria Arteaga Elizalde on Isla Mujeres.



And sailmaker Alesandra in Marina Puorto Isla Mujeres.



And i will add on the end thati  have meet many of wonderfule people on my trip and i will say thank you to them now. And hope to see agin.  Some, and  you know, i will keep for ever in my heart.

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