WinPic is software tool for  inserting programs into mcu.
You may download it at next page.

Lets start  with explanations of icons in main window:

3. Open hex file: shows the window for selecting of Hex file (hex code).
4. Program device: her we start downlouding of the program  to MCU.
5. Verify device: WinPic offers as possibility to check if the MCU is  ok.
6. Read device: And we can also read existent program from MCU.



2. Code: Here we switch to the window witch show code in hex .


1. Device config: In this window is possible to change MCU configuration. I leave this  window unchanged an i  make settings in start start of the code.Here i just select the MCU.



7 Options : Here we must show to the WinPic  in which file is initializiation for MCU. We can get it into Device file  in  installaton packet MpLab software.
(C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Device)

It’s obligatory  to check a option of setting programmable tension of 13V om MCLR pin.Other settings i have lived as default.

8 Interface


In this window   programator kind is selected  and on which port it will be connected.for transferring of the program to the MCU. It offers as also  option of testing of all three lines which we use  for programing. This are: programing tension (13V), clock pulse  and program line.

9. Mesagges: WinPic has also window where it writes all data about current processes.


And now demonstration how new program is transfered:

1.When we choose  icon which is on the illustration  marked like point 1, Open hex file we get window Load hex file.


2-.Under point 2 the program selecting is illustrated

3.Then we have to click on Open as it shows point 3.

·Downloading of program is activated by clicking on Program device icon.


If programing is seceded we get the message  from the point 2 on the bottom of the next illustration.

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