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to find contributors for new  social web page here:

It is about  to use software tools of MyOBjectNote in group of people and also what all other typical social web pages are offering.

Spread the voice pleas.


Next is review of my software from Marina Dan on Softpedia:

An efficient and user-friendly application which aims to offer you the means of keeping an eye on the technical equipment in your factory

My Object Note is a lightweight piece of software whose main purpose is to assist you in neatly organizing the numerous items that make up the complex systems you work with, enabling you to monitor them and any changes they might withstand.

Basic yet practical appearance

The GUI of My Object Note is made up of a large, non-resizable window, offering a ‘File’ menu that lets you create a ‘New’ project and set its ‘Form’ name in order to be able to start working with the application. The ‘Settings’ menu lets you define the default object shape and color, the table, and the background.

You will largely be resorting to the context menu to create new items, by right-clicking in the main window. By performing the same action with an object as target allows you to edit its settings, set up alarms or remove it altogether.

Thoroughly manage your factory’s assets

To begin, you will need to create the working folder for the utility, which can be any directory on your PC that you prefer. Subsequently, you can load a background image on which you will organize your objects, which ideally should be a sort of map or a schematic rendering of the topology of your factory or institution.

Right-clicking in the main window allows you to start adding objects by entering a name, then editing it using the context menu options to assign it ‘Hints’, ‘Color’, ‘Object Shape’ and ‘Size’. The contents of the second ‘Hint’ field will only be displayed when hovering with your cursor over the object, which means you can easily add lengthier pieces of text, like descriptions, notes or comments relevant for that item.

With your mouse, you can position the object anywhere you want on the ‘map’ of your organization. Double-clicking the first item you create lets you add various color-coded statuses to it, along with a message or a date and time stamp, helping you keep track of changes that occur over a longer period. The statuses you create the first time can then be used with other objects as well. You can even configure a series of alarms for each one, including date and hour, enabling you to remember when an inspection is due, for instance.

A handy equipment manager and status tracker

To conclude, My Object Note is a useful and efficient tool that aims to help you sort and manage your company’s equipment, allowing you to keep track of every item in your institution more easily. It supports working with several projects simultaneously, enabling you to switch back and forth between them as needed.



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