Pasta con camarones #5Pe sz2

I am trying to earn back my weight. So…, while i was waiting for food i did thought lets have fun and do the filming. And i did find out again that it is something that i like to do. And it makes me improve my orientation, then there is capturing the sorry itself in process. Then the communication and directing of people. And so on and on.

I think i will do it more in future.

And yes… I was on the pacific coast for last 3 days. In small village far away from civilization. With pigs walking the street, and origano plants 10 times bigger than on the Mediterranean coast. The hostel was next to pacific. I could hear waves all the time. And specially in the night time. I was swimming and siting in front of ocean for hours. And i was traveling Africa and Asia, but this was my greater experience. The ocean is so great and loud, that it was something present all the time. It was like have music in background all the time. And i did morning watching of ocean, evening walks barefoot, observing surfers and dogs running frilly trying to catch birds.

I am now in Guatemala City. I did bought something for Tereza. I should be back on Tereza tomorrow.

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