My telephone did brake at the point #35sz2

at charger/data connector.   The price for repair is 40$, but it is also that the phone has week battery . I do not know what i will do.  I have bigger problems now. If you did lost count i am talking about injection pump leaking. But still my phone was also my backup for GPS.  Remember last year at Cuba when my GPS Garmin could not recognize  maps on memory card any more (here is the link). If it will happen again i will be blind again. Maybe i will buy me a tablet  to not have same problem twice. Statistics are against it, but on sea different rules counts. Newer do twice the same mistake.It is against all my beliefs. And newer throw oil or diesel into sea. You can shit in the water. There is nothing wrong with it if you are not in marina. And it is fun watching the shit float away in the calm water.

And next is the sail which i got from Robert (check two blogs back)



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