Mr. Kamensek Drago 23#M

has gave me 200 euro today. He has come to Roland boat as first because  he saw German flag. He was curios about Europe.Drago has bussines in Toronto now. He works with his sons on solar panels. I did not told him anything abot my problems, but i was teling him about my plans. To go to Mexico , Gutemala maybe  also Panama and then buck in summer to work. And next winter to continue with crousing. We did talk,.. i do not remeber,.. noting in particular.About  thinks in general and then he did wish me good luck and went away. After that i  went by when he was siting with his wife Silva in front of hotel wating for bus to go home. And he went behind   me and just give me 200 euros. I was so happy that i did give hug to him.


On the other side of the chanel, some boats more down is a boat with Slovenian flag. Yamaya (the sicurity guy was teling me that she is godes of sea from Cuban mitology) is registred in Piran (Slovenia). I am searching for owner couple of days but it looks he is staying sowhere else. I need a Slovenian flag. Also Drago would come much more before to me, if he would see the flag. (sorry for mistakes-word press is not checking for speling anymore)


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