Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016 #9M sz2

Merry christmas

On picture above sun is giving me energy, wind the movement, and the sea is calm. The best what i can get to live the sailing dimension. And this is my wish for me and Tereza for 2016.
But sometimes is hard, sometimes weary hard. Sometimes boring, and sometimes empty. And Christmas is opposite of it. Happiness with most dears. So, be together for Christmas, it will bring you happiness in 2016. “All you need is love”. That is my wish for you. Be together with whom you love, and to  love in 2016.


I did meet an friend today. We went for fast drink just to say Hello. But we were talking a lot then. Mostly me. And i feel good. This is my attitude for next season. It is that i am ready to deal with all what i need to do, to reset Tereza back in water. Then ….. lets dance to sound of universe.


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