All the trip for 2014/2015 52#M


I did add the green line in picture above  because I did had my satellite telephone switched off during that time-no readings. Same you may see online: take look to my position option in main menu.

I could write much about the trip. Probably a book. But now I am not in the mood for anything. You know one of that moments which you need just for yourself.  It is raining. I will maybe watch one movie now. Anyway. I will ask You to do something for me. Can You tell around about me and Tereza. To make my blog become bigger-more blog traffic. It should being happening automatically. Sharing-talking-chatting. Yes, if the argument is of interest.

It is that I am waking up now. Coffee is starting to working. And again out of context. So, what to say now. Radio net will be on noon. So I am going  to run to Teresa, to listen  what is new in Rio dulce sailing community. Good day and see you later.



  1. Hey
    You can promote yourself via radio news ” oddaja o pomorščakih” on radio Koper. They will be glad to hear you, give it a try!
    All the best to all!

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