Engine starter RCP

It’s brand new starter for Perkins engine. It was made from RCP Inc from Canada.

Price is negotiable.

For more information give me a call on 5574 7714


Thom and Erica 14Pe sz2

are my favorite neighbors.  They have been coming yesterday to Tereza for diner.  “Spaghetti con pomodoro”  and bottle of shiraz.




ALELUJA NW wind #12S sz2


I am weiting fot engine mounts.

But…. but ..   The wind is starting to blow in my way. Thank you.

I can feel it on my face. What a plesure.

I am adding also salling category to main menu #50M sz2

(sem popravil Slovenski prevod od zadnjih nekaj cclankov)

I have some stuff on Tereza which i do not need.  Like staysail for example. It has hanks attaching system. And i am using furling.

You are free to use this site for your need also. Take a little time to  register and you can go. It is for free of charge , but if you want to contribute You are more than welcome. Just use contact form in  menu to reach me.

The items are listed in main menu in last category.





Staysail jib



foot: 10
leach: 40

The sail has new hanks and is in  great condition.

The price is negotiable.

You can call me at +502 5574 7714 or you can use contact form in main menu. Usualy i am also listening morning radio net. That’s why i am also reachable on canel 68 after the net.

I am staying on anchor on Tereza between Ram and NanaJuana marina .









Example of information manipulation 49_2M sz2




On the picture i look fine. But i am lonely. In that moment i was with friends an bottle of merlot as a girlfriend.

I generaly look to be onest on my blog but it had already hapened twice now that i did not post an already writen post. I know I have right to be silent. 🙂

I am learning.


1. Never threw oil and diesel in ocean

2. Never look back

3. Never lose your faiht in yourself

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