About St.George, Hamilton and Bermuda in general #T6

Black: bus station
Red: coffee shop with breakfast and free wifi
Orange: grocery

Pink: public toilets
Purple: main square with free wifi
Light blue: cash machine
Yellow: loundery
Green: east of green line is free anchorage area
Dark blue: Dinghy dock with garbage and oil recycle spot

To get to Hamilton and back the bus ticket costs 9$. You may go with 10 or 11 for west coast and 1 and 3 for east coast of island. The bus goes mostly every 15 min. The schedule table is on the wall. To get to city will take approximately 45 min.

Hamilton is a typical city. Downtown has a lot of restaurants and pubs. And you can do fashion shopping in many places. The biggest grocery shop is across the street of main cathedral. Main Bus station is one minute walk from there.

The island geology is typically from lime stone and the ground is red like on carst. They are groving vegetables in gardens next to houses. You may see it from the road going around the island.

The climate is much dryer than Caribbeans in general. But still there is all covered with vegetation.
About the touristic attractions and entertainment activities I can’t tell anything. But I could notice some aquariums, dolphin quest, galleries an museums. The island has many beaches so it has all conditions to be chosen as holiday destination. But you have to be aware that prices in shops are double as in Europe or Usa there.

I might conclude that it is nice place to visit.

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