Yesterday i forgot to mention #23B sz2

that there it was no cracking sound  any more from damaged area in wood rib structure at the test ride. I hope it will hold also in the bad weather conditions.

Now  what troubles me is difference of water line between sides of  4,5 inch (around 9 cm). I am getting ready to go out of water tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday i forgot to mention #23B sz2

  1. fobw Post author

    I did a hole with a drill and water did come out from the hull.
    I will take couple more days and then i will decide.

    Tereza has 13 tons. Its needs a lot to tilt her.

  2. aljosa

    What is the status under the water, keel?
    Was the water salt or sweet (sea or rain)( the one from the hull)?
    Is it pending on side where the wave tilt her or on opposite?
    Vse dobro vsem

  3. fobw Post author

    Tereza is tilt to side where big wave did hit her.
    I do not know what water is in the sandwich hull, because i did already cover the hole.
    Last year i did one illustration how is the sandwich hull of Tereza made.
    On the bottom i will attach the link to show you, so you will have an idea about it.
    The fact is that there is water in and i have to take it out as first and then to solve the problem to prevent water to return inside sandwich hull.. Maybe water is coming in where arm to hold the propeller shaft is or maybe where earth plate for radio is. Or something totally unexpected for me.
    (remember you can click on photo to enlarge)

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