Simrad AP 24 autopilot does not want to start #5

Batteries are dead. I was expecting it. I borrowed one to check the situation of the main equipment. The first thing I found out is that the control unit with a display from Simrad Ap 24 does not work. The price on ebay is 500$.

If anyone could give me a hint how to open it:


Mechanic that has office here in marina offered to get me the battery that I’ll use to start the engine. I’ll check the price by phone.

Yesterday I cleaned the moisture all day, so that I can move on Tereza and not pay extra $ 30 a day for a room.
I do not want to put a concrete picture of moisture on the boat here, because I’m afraid that then nobody will have any interest to come and stay on Tereza any more.

Last two days there was a holiday in Panama, and everything was closed, so today I only ate boiled eggs all day (12 pieces) and did drink water from marina water supply water tap.
And I am still alive.

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