Propane, diesel and new batteries (677$) #45

They are telling that temperatures can get down to 10  degrees celsius  ( 50 fahrenheit) next weeak.

So i am getting me ready to go. I have 87  gallons  (330 liters) of diesel and i will get me more.  And i can care 100 gallons of water. I will have to change oil in engine. Get me spare filters, food and water …

I  will work just on electric windlass so i may start practice encouraging. I will have also to install wind steering, other can wait for Caribeean.

Then do some sailing and gooooooooooo!



  1. Great to see your progress 🙂
    In the future you could try reviving your batteries using a desulfator. The sulfate layer that forms in old batteries is unconductive and that is why your batteries cant be charged with a normal charger. Unless the batteries have shorted or damaged cells, you can revive them with a DC pulsing current that breaks apart the sulfate crystals. If you are interested, you can check this DIY guide:

    And of course, first you have to add destilled water. Even if the battery is sealed, you should remove the top cover and check if the cells are dry.

    Just a tip for the future since I know that new cyclical batteries are very expensive.

  2. I do not have time for such things.
    Now i am working on how to charge my windlass battery. If i do connect it to other batteries.
    system will suck amperes from it. And also if for any reason my windlass battery gets low voltage, once i will start to charge it will jump at once to high amperage. Which can burn my cables. Can you help me with this?

  3. How are you charging your batteries? Alternator from engine or a separate generator with a battery charger? Do you have separate “house batteries” and starting battery for engine starting and windlass? If you want it to be reliable, you should charge them separately.
    If you have all batteries connected together you are screwed if something shorts out.
    Also a solar pannel and a solar charge regulator is a good option to mantain your batteries at full capacity, so you dont have to use too much diesel.

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