My new home #6

And this is my new home.

new home


I have spent all my afternoon is searching of cylinder gas which would fit Terezas box meant for that propose.  And then at the end i have bought one  without sense, when i was  buying  bedding to make me my first night comfortable as possible. When i will find right dimension cylinder gas i will use this for outside grill.  But i have to begin to cook now. I do not want to eat hamburgers any more!! Then I have bought also a fan.  I do not have air conditioner and in the boat  is 33.1 degrees of Celsius  and is almost midnight.


Tereza can sleep  six people.  I have made bed from table.  I have bought me blanket from 100% Egyptian cotton. Just to make me feel that i am taking best care of me. Sailing boats have option to make bed from the table. I am sleeping in the salon. I need to feel open space now when i am alone. Cabins are small. But  human company will catch away feeling of paranoia of closed spaces. Now i am already to tired to write something reasonable any more. Good night my friends.



“Nazdravje” to my friends harpy birthday to  Dean.

dejan BD


  1. Aaaaaaaaaiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaii 😀
    I hope, that the image will be displayed, if not, leave a comment and i will send you this image via mail 🙂

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