Left side of Tereza is ready for primer – basis paint #26

Tape is on, to limit the coloring zone. I will make stripe larger as now is, to hide cracks in gel coat.


And in  a testing picture made with Widows paint looks even better when it is larger.. It should be like next at the end, or brighter.  Yes,windows will stay.The name of color is Interlux  Lauderdale. And it costs 60$ for 1/4 of  gallon.


With artificial light from lamp in salon color looks  dark. In son light it might be brighter. Google gives next for Interlux  Lauderdale.


I have almost forget. I felt much better today. It is important how do i sleep. If i get cot without blanket in closed space because of rain, then i will get headache. And if i sleep with all windows open with blanket on me, then i am ok. And i am eating much  of  proteins and carbon hydrates, vegetables and fruit now. I have got am idea now. I have to search to get me some book as “Healthy food for a long term cruiser”

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