1. Hello its raining also here in Koper. How is the feeling living in the new house? Do you already have an aproximate plan of your route? Is your work up to the schedule? hehe a lot of questions… dont bother i am just curious how are things going. So far i can see you have done a lot!

    1. I do not know yet. That is why i am awake at 3:30 in the morning.

      In general it is as it was ment from start. Buy a boat. Make it “run”. And go. To the Pacific.

      I am waiting things to come out by themself.

      I am learning to go with the current.

  2. Yes, go with flow. it is a good aproach but still its nice to put in some planing in order to have at least a general idea of what could possibly folow. But who knows…



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