In second marina i did not got any 61#B

problems about satisfying my wishes. And hulling is also free, but it is 225$ per month.

I am uploding one video now. Hope it will be on soon.

While uploiding,…, here are the subtuitles.

And here it is:

1.Now we are one hour away from the last port, last anchorage.
2.because tomorrow I will go and  i will search for the marina, for taking Tereza out
3.for the hurricane season and for the reparings.
4.So, in short words, story did began last year in august.

5.I did come to  America to buy me a sealing boat and…
6.i was searching from Chicago, from Michigan lake
7. down to, all the way down to Key west Florida.
8. So it was.., i do not know… it was 4000 miles circa.
9.And in Jacksonvile   in.., at  Florida i did  One morning stopped in Mc Donald
10.I did put search criteria money and how big boat i want
11.and Tereza did come up.At that time she was Voyager 14
12.And ya. After one hour and thirty minutes i was on the
13.And it was okay.
14.It was only one boat in Tampa on west side of Florida which was also good for me.
15.But it was little to big, and i was afraid how to manage42 feet big boat.
16.People were telling  38 is maximum for one person. Ok Tereza is 39, one feet more.
18.It is Corbin made in Canada in Montreal.
19.Okay maybe i am not… I’m now talking too much in general…
20.I just want to say that  the story will soon end.
21.Once that i will take out Tereza i will then…go away for six months.
22.I do not know where yet, and then after six months i am coming back.
23.I hope with enough money to go for the another season.
24.I did learn a lot.
25.Now,I think that i can now manage to sail without many big bad surprises or loses.
26.It is…. Now we are in Rio dolce Gutemala.
27.It is hurricane safe area It has many marinas..
28.tomorrow or after tomorrow
28_A And i hope to find one enough good and enough cheap
29.and after that make some plans
30.And go …out of Gutemala
31.That’s the story of Tereza for 2015
32.Hope to see you next year.
33.Little swallow has come to say hello to Tereza just after
34.anchor was set next to big bridge to Rio dulce town.
35.My swallow still have more to say,..




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