I have got – 0.01 inch bearings also #18B sz2

in Gutemala city yesterday.  Now i am looking for oil pump. (and in Gutemala and Carribeans Countrys are using American mesurmen units. 1 inch is = 2.54 mm)

I have now standard and -0,01 now: (check my previous post:  things are becoming little complicated. I did polish second bearing surface area on crank shaft using water sanding paper)

And here on my blog is hard for me to make things clear for  readers. I see now,  if you – Iztok can not understand me, then nobody can. In general i should leave technical details apart and write simple content. And i can tell, things are much interested in general then i can transmit it to you here. And i know how to write to get public attracted. But i am not doing this blog for others. I am writing for myself. It is my journey in outside world and inside world. I am learning how to control my life. When life is full of tasks and people and of researching. Is fascinating how it works. It is magic.



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