I had cajak trip to Catamaran marina on other #9B sz2

side of river to collect information about the engine.  I will need to exchange bearings on crank shaft and piston rods. I have low oil pressure. And the most probably diagnosis is damage on bearings. (this link is a explanation) But i will know for sure when i will open the oil cover.

First photo are bearings for crank shaft (see red arrow on second picture). Similar bearings  are for piston rod (blue arrow)

berings  engine  invoice

Exchanging of bearings is the easiest part. And they are also  cheap as you may see on invoice. The problem is that i can not get to cover because there is not space under the engine to work. That’s why i will have to find a way to elevate the engine. and as a first i will have to remove all the periphery around the engine as transmission, starter,cooling system… I will see when time will come for it. It is reining now. Maybe i will start today. I am afraid of this project , but …. it has be done.

With  Michael we did met on the cruisers & sailing forum. I was asking there for the solution.

Thank you Mike.


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