Here is the paint #10B sz2


I was in Porto barrios yesterday. It is 70 km = 44 miles with local van  transportation for  7$. And i manage to get me primer (upper galon on photo) for half of price of Pettit premier – American paint brand  that i could get it  here in Rio. The anti-fouling (anti algas paint) was also for 20% cheaper. I went also there a week ago for information and then when i was asking Thomas ( boat builder) abot quality of this paint:” It is the best what you can get here!”. Check it at Transocean. For the Rio boaters: google for “Sur color puerto barrios”.

porto barrios

And i was looking to get me two bronze bolts for my earthing plate. No chance. At the end i have bought me one bronze earthing rode for 8$. But   Thomas did manage to find similar bolts. I will have just to adapt them to my needs. So i did left this rode to him in exchange for bolts. I will write more about it in other occasion. We help each other as we can. When i will answer to Aljosa to his comment why was i supporting the deck.

“We help each other as we can.”  It sounds like having a better world.

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