Permiso de navegacion para naves de placer #11

Cruising permit for pleasure boars


And on land way of transportation


Water in the engine #10


and it is my fault. Click on picture to enlarge and check the ear intake.

To run the engine   I had connected  pipe of marinas water supply to engine water cooling system.

It can not been done in this way. The pressure is to high. Water pressure has the potential to penetrate inside of engine through  pump sealing. Probably it would be fine as it was in Guatemala when I did the same. But this time I had not done the work at once, but instead  I waited for rain to finish.

Engine has to suck the water. I could use some tank, which I could fill as needed.

What now. I don’t know.

Am I disappointed, frustrated. Ja , but I am over.

You know some people likes to swim in the crystal water, but then some others like to solve problems.

Dostojevski said:  “The worst for man is to not have any problem!”

Cleaning of water tank #9

I cleaned 2 of 6


Check for number 1 and 2. ( you can click on photo to enlarge it)


Installation of new starter #8


First in the morning I installed new battery.

I decided to put new starter when I noticed that engine is not rotating also with new battery. And by the way the parquet is destroyed from 10 cm of water.


It’s good that no one in Guatemala bought it. Remember? I was selling everything before leaving for Honduras.

After five hours I was done. Now the engine is cranking.
But it was hard.




And eggs soup. If you not have oil what else can you do.


I was sleeping on the Tereza yesterday #7

for the first time in this season. I had trow old bedding away.


and went in Colon ( town in the enter of Panama Chanel) to buy me new battery (100 AH: Mac baterisas (made in Colombia)) to start the engine.


Bilge pump and energy #6

I have checked my bilge pump. Cleaned and made new wire connections. I might hear bearing to be noisy. But for now I will not make any action about it.


For energy


Simrad AP 24 autopilot does not want to start #5

Batteries are dead. I was expecting it. I borrowed one to check the situation of the main equipment. The first thing I found out is that the control unit with a display from Simrad Ap 24 does not work. The price on ebay is 500$.

If anyone could give me a hint how to open it:


Mechanic that has office here in marina offered to get me the battery that I’ll use to start the engine. I’ll check the price by phone.

Yesterday I cleaned the moisture all day, so that I can move on Tereza and not pay extra $ 30 a day for a room.
I do not want to put a concrete picture of moisture on the boat here, because I’m afraid that then nobody will have any interest to come and stay on Tereza any more.

Last two days there was a holiday in Panama, and everything was closed, so today I only ate boiled eggs all day (12 pieces) and did drink water from marina water supply water tap.
And I am still alive.

War against humidity #4

There is to much moisture inside Tereza


that’s why i am sleeping in bungalow.


Story until now… #3


In August of 2014 I went to USA to buy me a sailing boat.

After 20 days of searching through east cost I did find Tereza (Voyager IV at that time).

After 3 months of preparations  I went to Bahamas and back to Florida where i did lost my passport. I had to go to Washington for new passport and fingerprints.

Then in November I went to Cuba when I did hit a reef.  But damage was not fatal and I could go on to Mexico and Guatemala.  There i did  finish the storry for 2015, but i did also meet some people and made a video for Pass it on.

I went then to work at Germany.

Continue with season #2

In January of 2016 I went back to Gutemala to repair Tereza. 

After five months of reparings, in July i went to Utila. It was the first Honduras island of the Bay islands. Soon i moved to Roatan (second island) because Hurricane Earl was coming.

Then i went to Guanaja. Until now i Guanaja was my best experience as traveler on this trip. Nature, great native people and it is not a case that some of wonderful people from rest of the world  have find their new home there. At 24 of august on the 15 anniversary of my grandmothers’ death i decided to move on to complete my  second season in Panama.

Now Tereza is waiting for me in Panamarina. It is one small marina 50 miles from the Panama channel.

I am trying to find me a job as electric engineer somewhere around Europe now. I am not sure when i am going back to Tereza.

Continue with season #3

I am back to Panama now after 2 years.

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